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Life Coaching Session with COACH HARTMAN

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This video is A REAL LIFE glimpse into the life of Ms. Cookie Turner as she receives her first ever Life Coaching Session led by Premiere Life Coach, “COACH HARTMAN”


Lovely DD says:

You are a patient man coach. WoW. There are so many things i wanted to say to her but i see why you are being gentle, not being overly direct with Cookie 🍪

Bri J. says:

I'm the same way, MsCookie. Very nice session. Glad to hear you get things off your chest. That was the therapeutic part for me…just hearing your testimony.

Ikeashia Barr says:

Great advice and coaching session.

P. Titilayo Jones says:

Great advice and listening skills. HE'S hamdsome as well and professional.

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