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Life Coaching Techniques: 6 Steps to Help Your Client Make a Change

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Life Coaching Techniques by Coach Ayisha. 6 Steps to Help Your Client Make a Change. Includes life coaching videos to help and empower your clients. http://www.coachtrainer.org Why does an individual need to change? People change for different reasons such as
Pain, Failure, No Progress

So what stops people from changing?
Limiting beliefs and negative talk from negative people.

When coaching your client, it is your client who has to decide who is in charge of their life. Will it be them or their surroundings?
Once, your client decide that they are in charge of whatever happens to them, they will be able to deal with limiting beliefs and negative people.

It is easy for us to stay in our comfort zone, but have you ever tried stepping out of that comfort zone and take a look at what lies ahead?

What prevents people from moving forward? Mostly fear, failure, and shame.

Use this 6 step life coaching technique to help your client make a change.

Step 1 (1:38) – Use life coaching techniques to help your client improve themselves by helping them to set a clearly defined goal and some objectives.

Step 2 (1:58) – Coach your client in creating a detailed action plan which can enable them move towards their goals.

Step 3 (2:14) – Use life coaching techniques to help your client to identify their problems and limitations and then help them get over it.

Step 4 (2:30) – Assist your client in executing their plan.

Step 5 (3:19) – We must also encourage our clients to try to avoid limiting beliefs and being around negative people.

Step 6 (3:48) – Encourage your client to enjoy life and take things as they come.

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Mansi Visaria says:

thnk u … very crisp

Bruce Dorsey says:

Thanks Coach Ayisha! This is a very informative and interesting video.

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