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Life Coaching – The Powerful Benefits Of Working With A Life Coach

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Life Coaching – How life coaching works, what you can expect, and why it’s so powerful for creating transformational change.

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Video Summary:
While training or education in personal development can provide important information for making life changes, life coaching adds a crucial, personalized element to self-improvement. Clients typically contact a life coach for assistance with a particular issue. Through skillful questioning, the coach helps identify the source of the problem, sometimes simply via a shift in perspective.

The value of a life coach is difficult to gauge, but should be considered an investment in long-range growth. Life coaches help clients better understand the cause of their issues and identify potential action plans. They can direct the client to new resources and point out unrealized potential in themselves.

A life coach offers an objective perspective, and often more importantly, inspires clients to set more ambitious goals for themselves. The coach then holds the client accountable for implementing plans of action to achieve those goals. The greatest contribution of a life coach is their overall ability to help clients shorten their learning curve.

Many successful individuals have benefited from the services of a life coach to shift their success into over-drive.


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Alan Freeman says:

How does one get into life coaching??

Cali Dozzo says:

Leo can we call u to ask u how to coach us about something or write you.
Let me know or send me a link thnx :)

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