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Life Coaching Tips From a Life Coach

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As a Life Coach I regularly get asked for my best life coaching tips and self development advice. Although I chop and change a bit on the best piece of advice, these are 4 that are always at the forefront of my mind. Implement these and you can Life Coach yourself.


Sally The Life Coach says:

Believe receive achieve!

Tim Brownson says:

Sorry dude, but values are not self limiting believes at all.

mikeyo1234 says:

Wonderful Tim. However I would add that core values and beliefs are a first
step. They are unfortunately self-limiting labels. Tapping in to your true
nature transcends all self-limiting labels. Contact me for more info.

MrAzz84 says:

Thank you. This is good.

Lauren Adams says:

Thank you so much for your video. Consciousness, being aware of oneself,
core values, being kind to oneself and meditation – these are really
important things in order to have an acceptable life. I am however still
struggeling with being kind to myself. I do not have much self-confidence,
maybe that is why my coach on the online coaching community your24hcoach
suggested that I join a theatre group. Do you think, that meditation will
calm me down before going on stage?

Corey Quinn says:

Great tips thank YOu Tim.

DrPujasRedDot says:

thank you for having a transcript, i’m very slow and it helped.

MegaEthanking says:

How can I become a life coatch what do I study at college is it a
counciling course?

DailyLifeCoach says:

Much Love from my new channel DailyLifeCoach

Hannah Gaisford says:

I really appreciate your point about being kind to yourself. I know I have
been a bit hard on myself recently

Tim Brownson says:

Search “life coaching via e-mail tim brownson” I cannot link to the post in
the comments. If you sign up for my newsletter on my site you’ll get 4 free
ebooks, two of which are on social anxiety and meditation respectively.
Meditation is awesome, but it’s not a quick fix. You do have enough
confidence you just can’t tap into it when you most want it. Joining a
theater group may well help, but there are quicker, more effective ways to
deal with the situation. Glad you liked the video!

Tim Brownson says:

Don’t be Hannah, you’re worth more than that!

AtheistView says:

I am pleased that I found you and I am gonna gladly subscribe to you 🙂 I
like the content you make, thanks and keep it up.

Atiya Km says:


Moises Otano says:

Good video.

SovereignBeing says:

why can’t we just call meditation relaxation? then it might not seem so
daunting, its just taking a break during the day to recharge and centre.
you feel ten times better for it. esp after coming home from a long day in
the office. its worth making time for and will counteract stress and build
up of discordant energies that accumulate throughout the day.

pimpin dagreat says:

Well said mate, What he related Is only the tip of the ice berg….. In
order To be a life coach 1st he acknowldege That he’s a life
student…..great vid. (Shalom)

Tim Brownson says:

You’re welcome, glad it helped as I do have a tendency to talk quickly.

Tim Brownson says:

We could SB but they’re not the same thing so we risk confusing people.
Meditation is active whereas some relaxation (such as self hypnosis) is
passive. Meditation requires alertness and that may seem counter-intuitive
to many people when they think about relaxing. I agree it’s necessary to
break down the mental blocks people have toward meditation, but I think
that is changing rapidly anyway as more and more research comes out
extolling the benefits.

superheroger says:

like it .. dont know how to meditate though.

Tim Brownson says:

Superheroger, if you go to my site by clicking the link in the description
above and click on the store tab and then the free stuff tab, you can get
my free ebook meditation aimed at beginners.

LifeCoachNYC1 says:

Great tips really helpful thanks mate!

Tim Brownson says:

Thanks mate!

K4TH7D4V1S says:

Love this

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