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Life Coaching with Bob Proctor

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What if you could wake up every day… and do exactly what you want – anything you want – with your life, with all the joy, fulfillment and inspiration you’ve ever dreamed of? Guess what: You can.

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Daryl&Deborah EliJoel. Alvarez says:

Bob would Say be you and find the You not the other but You.

John M Yarger says:

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John Crispin says:

to help explain thing a lil more

John Crispin says:

Bob I need a new video wit a bored

sor09 says:

Researching this; interestingly intriguing.


Hello Bob, I loved you the first time I saw your first video. I like your teaching. I love you i wish i one day shake hands with you. I have heard you coach people allover the world. I'd like to know whether I can get the coaching right here in Uganda. Thank you Thank you for the good job

Ankush Ranjan says:

i'm bit confuse in visualisation technique since from 8months.. is there any helpline?

Jakub Valenta says:

Mr. Proctor you are the greatest teacher I've ever heard. I read the Murphy's book in 2007 but somehow I did not get how very important is the subconscious. You made it so clear, it literally changed my life. I can finally see how much it affects my every day life. Thank you.

RolandM says:

Thank You Bob.

Ivan David says:

This is true!! It's an incredible program! You will never be the same person again!

SupremeGrind Fitness says:

This is what I need!! If you want to achieve great things you must surround yourself with GREATNESS with mentors that will teach you how to get it..love the video!! Im going to join this for sure!

Vinnamese says:

That's my boy BOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Magnetic Minds says:

Thanks Bob.

Petar-Vertex says:

I ve just saw facebook post where it says you are coming to my country in November, CAN T WAIT!!!

Debra Goring says:

Wow, what a good point: If I feel superior to you, I feel inferior to someone else – we are all equal. :O)

William Mathieson says:

Hiya Bob,

What can I say! Another wonderful video from Mr Bob Proctor.

Great advice and I really need to take a look at your program.

Looking forward to your next video.


Scott Hawkins says:

you Sir, are the greatest Public Trainer that I know of, and I have followed the trail of IAMs and seen the results….
I am the One, who can never scrape-up 10-dollars, but can live in a Country where I don't speak the language, or work… and can do it for 7 years on NO MONEY.
I am happy. I am healthy. Somehow, someway, I will get the money for your' 13-month program.
You have changed my life, in many ways ALREADY.
I will be meeting with You soon Sir….

Firdous Valley says:

and then it went over a million ? ???????

Ricardo Santos says:

Bob… It is on my goal list to be your student… I already gone a way very fair from my conform zone… I want to be just like you… I want to be coached by you… and It is on my goal list to work with you… It is just a matter of time… I will see you very soon… I believe in that and I`m working on myself. Gratitude for all you do for us!

Miguel Horna says:

thank you so very much! for this amazing video Mr. Bob proctor! I will definetily start the coaching program! I hope one day you come to my country Peru God bless you!

Minju says:

what if you don't know what you want to do?

Adhi Kusumo Santoso says:

thank you.. god bless you..?

Gabe Goldiamond says:

Thanks Bob. I look forward to seeing you!

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