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Life Coaching with Dr. Henry Cloud

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Dr. Henry Cloud talks about the Life Coaching 12-month program as the structured path you need to achieve your goals! For more information visit http://www.cloudtownsend.com/workshops/life-coaching/


niecers says:

Setting boundaries is not scriptural?
  Does it not say to protect your heart (seat of emotions?) for out of it comes the issues of life?
Did Jesus not say. Ye are the temple? And also that God wanted those who worshiped him in spirit and in truth? If that temple gets destroyed by your not setting boundaries, then there is no way you can worship him in spirit and in truth. 
  Being a door mat does not glorify Gods work in Jesus. Jesus came to show what Gods relationship to men should be. Love, peace etc. It is a Christians job to put off the old mans thinking and be renewed in the likeness of Christ (who fully understood the will and love of God). To have the mind of Christ formed within them. This way you do know what the will of God is. This is hitting the mark of the highest calling of God. 

Aaron Palmquist says:

I am a Christian also and I see no reference of Peter Kindred anywhere in Scripture! Nor any reference to myself or anyone else alive today. So I guess we should all live in vacuum not speaking or interacting with other humans…oh wait…that would be an unrealistic boundary.

Joseph Azzato says:

I have Aspergers & guess what it showd me exactly where I let people walk all over me & also giving my athority 2 people & not taking it up my self, & also not jumping on the victom wagen while at the same time not letting people dump there junk on me when you are a seer & a feeler you can actually watch people spoowing there nasty crap all over one anothere & sliming you there is nothing worse then perasites attaching to you when you are trying to get better they don't own us Jesus own's us!!!

Peter Kindred says:

If you have a friend, who is a Christian with mild Aspergers, If you really love this person.I highly recommend, you keep them away from creating Boundaries or any of this self righteous material Dr. Henry Cloud has written.I am a Christian and I see no reference of Henry Cloud anywhere in Scripture.Thank You in The name of Jesus. Peter D Kindred. musick@nbnet.nb.ca

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