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LUCIO Review & Guide – Coaching the Many [P1]

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CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP! Lucio really got a rework, so we’re going to cover how to effectively play him. With all the changes he’s got, we can be more proactive, but we have to be careful we are’t playing a low-budget Tracer. Enjoy three games for the price of one in this Coaching the Many!

Part 1: https://youtu.be/lCEqJNM_sz0
Part 2: https://youtu.be/R0uldgCUTDA
Part 3: https://youtu.be/5dFTLp-a0U4

If you want YOUR footage looked at, send a recorded game to OAMReviews@gmail.com with the [Hero Name] and [Rating] in the title, and a quick description in the main body! If you’re a Twitch Subscriber, include that in the title!

These are done LIVE at http://www.twitch.tv/ESL_OneAmongstMany on Friday and Saturday nights at 10pm GMT! Come join us!


S Scholex says:

I know the toggling is controversial and everyone has different opinions on it, but I will say that here it seems that sometimes the toggling is less reactive to external threats and moreso done out of habit – sometimes the player seems like they do not want to stay on speed for very long, and other times some teammates are low on health and the amp it ups are not adequately utilized to heal everyone up. I could be wrong, I just see a bit of nervousness and indecisiveness to it at times. I don't think rapid toggling is a bad thing, but there's a time and place. It's great when used with wall climbing to give Lucio a strange and unpredictable pattern of movement and it's good when you need to divide up an amp with heal and speed (like stated in the video) or just used intuitively during battle to get a bit of both resources in a small window of time or something like that.

I developed a bad habit of doing it way too much in quickplay which carried over to comp, meaning I wasn't performing my role to the best of my ability because my evasiveness was far above average but I hadn't learned how to play Lucio in the context of a smart, coordinated team vs. an uncoordinated and unpredictable team. Just holding back for a while and focusing on being more mindful of when and why I switch my auras helped me develop a better handle on it and I think I've approached a better place where I can use it to my advantage without detracting from my support role.

Outside of that, I agree with the minor comment people made on wall riding – it's become a very powerful tool to get back to the fight since the Lucio changes, so I recommend wall riding as much as possible when attempting to get back to the point on your own because it cuts down on travel time signifigantly, which also means you dying will not be as harmful if you are reducing your time back to the fight by several seconds

wallfløwer says:

lol why is this guy never wall riding???
you can move so much faster on the walls

Mordecai says:

the constant switching, kinda hurts, and annoying LOL, sorry

Bioshyn says:

oh god, i can't watch this. that aura switching triggers me

Klan Klang says:

I really question the need to continuously switch between auras near the Winston with the range he has and that fact that he doesn't need to aim.. I'm not sure I understand why he doesn't just speed boost away.

Elwin Lok says:

Stanky also uses the fact that you go slower on heal that on speed to mess with the aim of the enemy.

Tomas Corney says:

One thing I see lacking is using the wall riding to get back to the point faster, especially when everyone but you is on the point. It doesn't have to be fancy but just jumping off the sides of doors or walls can make quite a difference.

Stormy says:

My friend tells me that he can't aim with soldier when Lucio swaps back and forth.

Petr Pitha says:

if you swap heal/speed on the ground, you change your movement pattern, which makes you a bit harder to hit. But it's not very useful.

Mathieu says:

hello despotox

TeeDubable says:

As a Lucio main I greatly appreciate this.

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