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Luke Walton On LaVar Ball’s Criticism Of Lakers Coaching His Son Lonzo & More ✔

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Sabeer V says:


Indeed those who are believers (from among Muslims), those who are Jews, Christians, Sabeans, anyone who believes with Lord Allah and the Last Day, and does honorable deeds, they have their reward with their Lord, and there shall be no fear upon them and for them will not be grieved.

This verse is repeated in 5: 69. Islam—Nature’s way of Life—is the way of life accepted by the Lord of the worlds for entire creatures from the first man Adam to the Last Day as mentioned in the verse 3: 19 and 85. Everyone takes birth in Islam. The one who submits his all will and power to the Creator Lord can only include in Islam presented by the 313 Books and the Messengers.

But today every people in different religions including Muslims are deviated from the real way of life—Islam. Natural way of life—Islam—is comparatively reflected more among Hindus, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Jinas, atheists etc. of Prophet Muhammad’s community than his people Muslims. Muslims are mentioned as the worthless people as per the verse 25: 18, the worst people in the land as per the verse 98: 6, and the worst creatures as per the verse 8: 22.

None can become believer without Adhikr—Permission of Lord as mentioned in the verses 10: 99-100. From among Muslims without becoming a believer, prayers will not be responded, and deeds like charity, fasting and pilgrimage will not be accepted as told in the verses 2: 186; 18: 103-106; 25: 23; 40: 49-50 and 47: 8-9. None can make anyone a believer. Whoever male or female by utilizing the Insight mentioned in the verse 6: 104, Guidance mentioned in the verse 17: 15 and the Truth mentioned in the verses 10: 108 and 39: 41 can become a believer.

All ‘other people’ such as Jews, Christians and Sabeans are deviated from the Straightpath of Islam from time to time. Sabeans include Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Zoroastras etc.But today the ‘other people’ who are belonging to Messenger Muhammed’s community if believe in Lord and the Day of Judgment and do honorable deeds, there shall be no fear upon them and for them will not be grieved. That means these people who didn’t receive the Book will be sent to other worlds (other than the Paradise or Hell) by the Lord of the worlds. They will be drunk from the ‘Kouth(s)er Lake’, a drink with which no thirst will feel forever as mentioned in the verse 108: 1-3. Read together 4: 123-124 and 16: 97.

Today there is no a group of believers anywhere in the world. In every 1000 Muslims 999 will be entered into the Hell since they hide and reject Adhikr—Safeguard against the Hell—after receiving It. The believer who is the 1 in 1000 will utilize Adhikr—Ticket to the Paradise mentioned in the verse 76: 29—and return to the Paradise. No one has the right to select nation, religion, caste, parents, sex, era of birth and death, color etc. Therefore, harmony of mankind is only advised. It can be fulfilled by learning and teaching Adhikr–the Food, Cloth and Sight of the soul.

There are 1000 communities of creatures including man in the world. Out of that 400 communities are in land and 600 are in the water. All the living things and nonliving things in the Universe are praising and glorifying the Lord as told in the verses 17: 44 and 24: 41. It is the responsibility of mankind as the vicegerent of the Lord to act well for the survival of himself as well as of whole creatures in the Universe. 

The leaves of plants absorb carbon dioxide from atmosphere, and excrete oxygen and water; thus reduce air pollution due to carbon dioxide and thereby regulate atmospheric temperature. By absorbing the polluted water and fertilizers, the roots of plants help to maintain hygienic surroundings. The roots of plants also prevent soil erosion and help to maintain the fertility of soil. The water vapors evaporated from the leaves cool the atmosphere and the clouds which lead to rainfall. That is why the rainfall over forest area is greater than that of other places. For all creatures both in land and water, oxygenated atmospheric air is crucial for maintaining a healthy life. Therefore, we should plant and encourage others to plant more trees (especially trees with fruits) anywhere as far as possible testifying the teaching of Prophet: “You plant trees even though you knew that tomorrow is the Dooms Day”. Prophet also taught: “During the Last period you have to involve in cultivation and farming”. The one who purified his soul with Adhikr—Book for purification—will only eat wholesome foods. Today, as wholesome foods are not available in the markets, we should involve and encourage others to do organic cultivation and farming intending not only for our own sake, but also for the sake of whole creatures including mankind. We should discourage cultivation using artificial fertilizers and pesticides which are harmful for all creatures. We should also aware the mankind the hazards of genetic crops which cause cancer, blindness and all such genetic disorders. We should discourage cutting down of trees, demolition of mountain (since mountains are the anchors and nails to keep the Earth in its equilibrium), and construction of huge buildings especially in fields as well as in seas. It is a fact that the proportionate presence of natural resources such as petroleum, coal, minerals, metals are maintaining the gravitational force of the Earth. The unlimited mining of these resources may cause to lose the magnetic power and there by Pole shifting. Today those countries blessed with crude oil are rigging it without any restriction aiming their financial gains without considering the miserable consequences neglecting the verse 30: 41 which says: “Mischief is appeared on the land and in the sea because of what men’s hands have earned, so that He may let them taste something of what they have earned in order that they may turn back to the aim of life.

(This verse and Its explanation is taken from Adhikr-the Best Interpretation of Lord’s Book. Anyone can visit the site. Adhikr is available in Arabic and Malayalam languages also in the site.


TMK23 says:

My nigga got a smooth ass voice lmaoooo

VDO FX says:

Dayum luke would be a really good Batman with that voice

no one haha says:

did they won against the Kings? they did. right. and lakers is way better from last year.

all those coach-wanna-be-and-know-it-all get outta here lols

John Marquez says:

that vibrato

Alfie Fallejo says:

Luke is trash as a fucking coach. I didn't wanna say it. but after watching the lakers lose to the Kings. Fuck Luke.

sandiablo says:

In other words we don't give a shit

Matt Vanham406 says:

I am a robot

ALBA says:

Why does Luke look like faze gay

dieselshug says:

Luke sound like Darth Vader, and perfect answer to the Lavar Ball trash talk.

Kemahl Emin says:

good answer by Luke.

John Smith says:

Luke Walton is on his way to becoming a great coach. His response to that Lavar question was spot on. Keep it up young fellow

Ks says:

My throats itching

Safet Pracic says:

They should use his voice in those anti smoking commercials.

Crimson Cloud says:

why does my ears hurt?

LeMagic James says:

This guys voice is lower than Dikembe Mutombo's 💀💀💀


Luke Walton is a Joke …!! What is he doing coaching !

Johnny TightLips says:

Who turned the treble off?

Love says:

I can't hear him, I need a subwoofer

Ramin Gold says:

He sounds like a robot

Sir Benet says:

One could easily make edm music with dude's voice

Harry Ballzac says:

Dude sounds like Darth Vader

Vegas Gold Solo says:

Damn. My phone felt like it was vibrating the whole interview 😂

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