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Metta World Peace on coaching LeBron, Isaiah Thomas’ playoffs and more | THE HERD (FULL INTERVIEW)

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Metta World Peace joined Colin Cowherd to discuss NBA Playoff basketball, LeBron James and Ty Lue, Isaiah Thomas and the Golden State Warriors.

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About UNDISPUTED with Skip and Shannon:
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Colin Cowherd says:

Is coaching Lebron the toughest job in the NBA?

P Lpa says:

Spurs need to get rid of Aldridge.

Trayn Ikhwanan says:

Yeh old guys stomped out Houston. Experience & fundamentals will always beat talent when talent fails

Nikko Leon Guerrero says:

"If Houston wins tonight, it's the end of the dynasty." Gets blown out by 25

anima099 says:

Metta is so chill but he called his kids Ron Artest so I guess he wants to change that name.


Players do not like LeBron. They know LeBron has had a free ride to the finals almost every time. They know he isn't clutch in the 4th. They know he is just big and easily gets to rim because the rules won't let people guard him.


If you aren't at least 6.5 your at a disadvantage.

Justin Neilson says:

who wears a cup in basketball. ..? Colin is a freak

orestisDisturbed says:

I can see Metta selling lemonade as a kid… And then someone throws it at him, he punches the other guy and pretty soon the whole neighborhood is at it and they call it "Malice At The Hood"!

Derek Garland says:

Wait is Metta just never gonna finish saying the 4 teams that can beat the warriors?

CDman says:


BostonCelticsforlife0 says:

Man the way Colin talks sometimes just pisses me off

Misha Gelenava says:

4 Ron Artests 😀

cole persinger says:

metas hardest job getting kobe to passing him the ball

Josh Siegel says:

A little late on the "Spurs are old" argument. I'd say about 10 years too late.

Sarada Sreeram says:

this dude is hilarious

Mike B says:

Lmao who wears cups to play basketball

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