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Mew2King Analyzes His Coaching of MKLeo at Umebura

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M-2-COACH! — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/mvg_league


Kotou says:

coach2king making mkleo an even better player than he already is.

Quang Le says:

Mew2king talking to Leo about Trump.

david jurado says:

Leo did losed to a random Sonic at Civil War. That's the way he was send to losers. Maybe that Sonic used a similar tactic to Ken's.

Nicholas Chan says:

Holy crap, please do more set analysis, this is incredible!

Zerkalo says:

So much insight! Just what I needed since I used to feel so lost against sonic. I hope m2k keeps doing this type of analysis despite finding it tedious, his knowledge is invaluable.

Blackbelt3274 says:

Lol all I know about this matchup is lots of shielding and reading

Blackbelt3274 says:

mewtwo king!

io587 says:

Edgeguard Cloud for free with this one simple trick!

David Birkenmayer says:

Mew2King is part of the 0.001% of the players who understand how this game works.

Gold says:

MK Grounded up B isn't THAT much stronger. 2nd hit just has 12 more KBG and 1st hit deals 3% more damage (which amounts to a difference of about 12 KB total). It did help in this situation, though.

RowanSR says:

What's the name of the song at the beginning? Gives me Persona vibes

Gogi says:

Drink everytime he says sheild.

miniyodadude says:

Leo needs to stop rolling so much.

Mario GarcĂ­a says:

Why m2k won't attend royal flush?

SolarKirby says:

I need more of these m2k please

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