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Dr. Jayne Gardner, renowned Life Coach and founder of The Gardner Institute, demonstrates a real coaching session with a client.


Franly Agostini says:

Yeap, this is more like P.A and coaching is not about analysing the past.
Too much diggin into the past. On the other hand, she (the coach) is
sugessting or directing the conversation to her approach as a psycologist
or psychotherapist.

Problems may have their origin in the past, but what holds a present
problem is what we do (inside or head) with them TODAY, the meanings,
beliefs, values, insights, understandings we have TODAY. Then from there;
from the present create and/or design the future the client want.

This does not mean a coach can never go to the past. He/she can go back
there to obtain resources wich can help the client to be more certain about
the future and design the strategies that can help him/her get there!

Art Glowacki says:

Yes, this is more like psycho-analysis and coaching is about the future and
solutions. I agree. But she (the coach) used a lot of coaching technics in
other areas of the session.

Jennie McCormick-Killian says:

As soon as a ”coach” go in the past on their client, it is not coaching.
It’s counseling. A life coach will always stay in the present and future
and be solution focus.

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