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Qualities of GREAT Coaching: What You Should Be Looking For – EPISODE 161

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http://daily.barbellshrugged.com/qualities-great-coaching-looking-episode-161/ Go to this link and answer the “homework” questions in the comments at the bottom of the page!

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noel53 says:

+JASONMANENKOFF165 this channel might be interesting for you and your work.
Hope you find some helpful take aways. See you soon, bruh

mskelseypeters says:

I like hearing CTP chime in 🙂
I think a good stepping stone to perspectiving is, as John Green says,
imagining others complexly. I’ve found that I naturally do this quite well,
but have not challenged myself to take it to the next level.
I have a voice teacher and a vocal coach who serve different functions,
though there is some slight crossover. My voice teacher strictly teaches
technique, which is usually quite arduous. My vocal coach, as of late, has
recognized my severe self criticism, and is coaching me in appreciation of
my good work which will result in better performance by way of confidence
and generosity. He is coaching the person, not just the art :)

Lindsey La Dew says:

1) What aspect of coaching have you been neglecting?
Increasing knowledge in specific areas I am not strong in such as running
mechanics or advanced gymnastics.
2) What is keeping you from getting better/refining this craft?
Being completely wrapped up in my own performance, programming, and
progress for the Open and other things going on in my personal life.
3) What resource could you use to address this?
Other coaches who specialize in these areas, specialty courses or seminars,

Radames Vargas says:

1) What aspect of coaching have you been neglecting?

I’ve been neglecting getting to know my athletes from a personal
perspective. I want to know more than just their overall fitness.

2) What is keeping you from getting better?

Right now I’m currently doing an internship at a crossfit gym. I’m also a
full time student, I have another internship and I have two jobs so I can
only get to the gym for 3-4 classes a week. I want to learn how to build a
better relationship with my athletes with the limited time I have.

3) What resource could you use to address this flaw?

There are certain books that I just purchased with regard to leadership.
I’m considering on looking into the books you mentioned to see what I can
take from it.

vemboboy says:

Love the podcast guys, great job. I have been lifting for more than 10
years now, been a 5 time national champion in Oly lifting and in my opinion
a good coach is the one that listens to the athlete, that watches his every
move, and sometime lets the athlete do his own thing.

Frank Bodnar says:

A little off topic, but would you guys recommend pursuing advanced CF certs
(L2,L3,L4)? And if yes, why? Would you pursue a USAW L1 and a CSCS

Adam Furnier says:

at 11:38 Doug goes into a process call the “5Why’s” which is an industry
standard practice for getting at root cause. it’s a very effective way to
understand motivations. excellent technique!!!

Robert Sproul says:

Was Stairway To Heaven playing on the speakers in the gym around 11:00 or
am I hallucinating? 

Robert Banek says:

Doug talks more in this episode in the first 10 minutes than the last 50
episodes combined!! Not a complaint, just an observation…

Antawn Nazarov says:

Does coach have to be athlete who participated in or won some competitions?
Or it’s enough for him to know and be able to show moves and exercises and
he or she doesn’t have to be in high-level physical form?

nicholas sorg says:

You guys are doing great at breaking it all down. I’ve watched the last 120
episodes, and it is working well.
P.s. David Durante would be an awesome guest!

Julie D says:

I love you guys! I wish everyday was Wednesday.

Travis Kenney says:

You guys need to absolutely get Jeff Tucker on your show.

Cavell BC says:

Great episode guys!

On another note, how sexually primal is CTP’s camera angle at certain
points! Many lols!

Adam Carlson says:

This video is really dumb.

Quico Rebello de Andrade says:

pretty blonde in the back…

Russell Pharr says:

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