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Reasons to say NO to Life Coaching

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My online surveys have given me insights into why people don’t jump at the opportunity to change their lives through life coaching. This video addresses the concerns expressed.


Jike Mann says:

The real reason people don’t want to spend money on coaching, It is fairly
new and not regulated. No lengthy training and no real professional
standards. Why would I pay $150 + to get what I could get from a licensed
provider who has had to pass multiple state board testing and a minimum a
graduate degree preparation. Hell a barber needs to licensed.
Understanding Human behavior and change is very complex and requires
ongoing clinical training in proper assessment, treatment modalities etc.
Another reason, I can use my insurance. Coaches can not bill third parties.
Fact is people are skeptical.and they should be. Helping can be a dangerous
things if not done correctly. A good example would be like a dental
assistant doing a root canal. Assistants may have observed the procedure
and know how it is done, but lack proper training in the application of
the procedure. 

TdotPickupAdventures says:

What is your life coaching website?

Don Fletcher says:

good job… I like your style( and the content)

PatriciaSimonsLC says:

I don’t agree. If people are not wiling to spend their money with you, they
are not your clients. So, I don’t see the point in go behind them offering
discounts and stuff in exchange for your coaching service. It’s a waste of
time. Find someone that has the guts to obtain the money; if he is REALLY
COMMITTED to change his life, he will do it.

charcoaljohnson says:

I like how you broke this down.

Chris Wesley says:

Thanks. Good luck with them.

Kera's LuvTechniques. says:


achangeintheair says:

Thank you for this! – very well presented, lucid and helpful.

Chris Wesley says:

@enviroby Thanks for your comment. Glad you liked it.

Robert Gilead says:

Well presented! Thanks for sharing!

Chris Wesley says:

@charcoaljohnson Thanks for your comment. I like your style and your stance
on “The Real Cost Of Religious Faith – Atheist Experience 696”. I consider
myself an evangelical atheist. Your logical approach is a breath of fresh

Latha Subbananjappa says:

i mean wealth

Chris Wesley says:

Thanks Ikaban

Latha Subbananjappa says:

guess u need to relook at gym memberhip, I am sure u agree that health is
the gateway to health

Cliff Roy says:

Awesome break down of objections! Love the way you discussed how to
overcome the objection.

lkaban says:

Well done!! As a Life Coach I agree completely and applaud your efforts in
breaking it down for people.

Chris Wesley says:

@achangeintheair Thanks!

Vytautas Gaidamavicius says:

great analysis and recommendations! Thanks, I will use some of the ideas

markiwebb says:

Patricia is a fool

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