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Salon Coaching – Tips to make your salon successful

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Are you worried about your salon business? Are things like empty chairs, clients not turning up, lack of teamwork amongst your hairstylists driving you crazy?

Watch this salon coaching video in which David Drew provides effective tips to make your salon successful. He talks about decreasing hairdresser turnover, providing leadership, mentoring and salon training programs to make your salon successful.

David is a life coach and the founder of Impact Business Consultants. His business coaching experience is vast and although mainly in the hairdressing industry, he offers a simplified and effective approach to improving and enhancing the success of your salon business.

I’m sure if you implement the tips mentioned in this salon coaching video, your salon success is guaranteed!

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Ayn W says:

This book was very helpful for me and saved me lots of money .. Visit my
website or send me an email and I will guide you 

Maria de la cruz says:

Thank you 

Monique Hancox says:

Straight to the point! Good information 

Monique Hancox says:

Straight to the point! Good information 

Yulandar Simmons says:

Clipper Boy Rocks!!!

James Faucette says:

I am in Business School in Nashville TN. and this video was outstanding. I
am working on a Business Plan in class to own and operate a salon geared
towards the LGBT community, especially the Transgender community.

Cody Clark says:

Thank you so much I’ve been hairdressing for 27 years what you have taught
me is common sense and simple steps I’ve owned my own salons for years now
and as dumb as it sounds never had a real plan or goal and always under
sold my services and products. I’m excited about a new start l
have just relocated my salon and I’m going to hire a salon manager. And
love the advice on recognition to staff I think I have always cared for my
staff and looked after them but will make more of an effort to set goals
and recognize them for reaching them. thank you for taking the time to care
about your industry and share in your success God bless.

Julia Hik says:

wow. wish i had you years ago thank you

Danielle Monsels-Koningstein says:

Thank you!!

baby callel says:

Looove the video it has been realy helpful since i am olening my own

Erin Ammon says:

Very helpful thanks for sharing!

Charlotte Bruce says:

Amazing Advice.

Deborahrthemodel says:

Great Advice

Elina Belousova says:

Sealing tiles on walls?????

BillionaireEmpire says:


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