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SBI PO 2017 | Questions Based On New Pattern | English | Online Coaching for SBI IBPS Bank PO

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In this video you will learn HOW TO CRACK SBI PO PRE. This video focuses on Questions Based On New Pattern for SBI PO PRE 2017 . It is very useful for upcoming exams like SBIPO, SSC CGL, SBI PO 2017, BANK PO, RAILWAYS, SBI PO VACANCY, IBPS, CLERK and other competitive exams

Questions Based On New Pattern
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SBI PO 2017 Preparation
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jyothi thatikonda says:

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jyothi thatikonda says:

mam question no 4 ans will be E but u said c

Subhendra kumar Sahu says:

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Abhishek Tembhare says:

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Sandipa Adhikary says:

mam please provide a class on gerund and participle before sbi po prelims. .. please mam it's a request mam please

shreya srivastava says:

Q103. In each of the following questions a short passage is given with
one of the lines in the passage missing and represented by a blank.
Select the best out of the five answer choices given, to make the
passage complete and coherent (coherent means logically complete and
Comparisons are, of course, silly and dicey, but one can
hazard that Arrow’s achievements were in some ways arguably greater than
Samuelson’s. Samuelson’s many contributions helped us think through the
rst principles of many issues in economics — public goods, taxation,
savings, trade, consumer preference, pensions, and nance. Arrow’s two
stunning contributions (both theoretical) in some ways both built and
undermined all of politics and all of (market) economics. Samuelson made
mega-contributions, Arrow made meta-contributions.

A. The Arrow-Samuelson comparison is interesting for another reason: Family connections.
The work of Arrow and many others showed how such self-interested
individual behaviour could produce outcomes that had broadly desirable
social virtues.
C. If you start with individual preferences, it is
very dicult (or impossible) to come up with a rule (say majority voting)
that aggregates these preferences and produces a societal preference
that can satisfy some basic conditions.
D. But this work showed how demanding were the conditions for the market system.
E. Samuelson’s related to one discipline, Arrow’s transcended two.

Correct Answer: E. Samuelson’s related to one discipline, Arrow’s transcended two.

The paragraph compares the contributions of Arrow and Samuelson in the
eld of economics. Read the last sentence of the paragraph, there is a
clear comparison between the two. Hence the conclusive sentence should
also be in the same form. Among the given options, only option (e) makes
the perfect conclusion and thus adding meaning to the paragraph.

Lipika Patnayak says:

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sagar kashyap says:

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rahul kumar says:

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Gagandeep singh says:

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Vaidehi says:

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