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Science of Making Money Class – The Secret To Life Coaching

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The Secret To Life Coaching

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Cindy Wong says:

I read the book but didn't change a thing. but i like the video

Joanne Jones says:

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mikemer79 says:

Ponzi scheme

Joanne Jones says:

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MsNicolT says:

I don't know if this is your calling. maybe selling cars or something a Lil more soulless than changing lives… I think money is your focus not the betterment people.

Super Fast says:

Under indictment for fraud both of them

Gypsy says:

I feel that maybe empathy, is lacking in the way you talk, as well as …why do you talk to adults like they are children? Calling names (winnie baby?). Seriously! K!


I want to say this video is so powerful amazing job Coral. I do have a complaint about the fact that you offer free 30 min coaching session that I have yet to receive after calling twice now. What a disappointment! I almost feel like I have to say that I potentially want to be a life coach just to get anyone attention.. SMH

angelaec81 says:

Love this!!!

kristine faust says:

How can I sign up for the video courses?

Ozi Osmans says:

superb….really you are great = and helpful minded elegant Madam your are…excellent !!

LEÏLA says:

Thank you so much 🙂 C'est vraiment super, d'écouter quelqu'un qui a été où nous sommes et qui est là où nous voulons être :)!

Merci merci merci Coral, tu es tellement généreuse et fabuleuse!

Candace Burton says:

Every time I am with Coral my life changes.  This will ABSOLUTELY be a game changer for EVERY person who plays full-on and is serious about results.  Guaranteed our super-focused CEO will help you clear your unknown, subconscious beliefs.  How blessed we are to have such an amazing role model who gets every goal she states, walks her talk, and is here to show us how to do the same~ THANK YOU, CORAL!!!

Bianca C says:

I love this!!!

Devon Jay says:

Super grateful and excited to be apart of this class. Massive value given every second in this video! So grateful for leadership Coral -Dev.

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