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Should You Hire an Online Coach? – Online Coaching vs. Physical Coaching ft. Chad Wesley Smith

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Chad Wesley Smith is the founder of Juggernaut Training Systems and has coached Mark in previous years. In this video he explains the differences and effectiveness of online coaching.

Check out the Juggernaut channel at: youtube.com/CWSmith52

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Jordan Kroell says:

"Personal success, success in coaching, and a good knowledge base are the three factors to look for when selecting a coach"

So where do guys like Alan Thrall and Omar Isuf land?

It looks like both of these guys make easily digestible youtube videos that are shiny, well edited, well advertised and they produce a ton of content each week… but beyond that, neither one seems to qualify in the above three categories in terms of athletic success, successfully coaching people to championships in their respective sports and neither seem to have a solid knowledge base beyond "I read this book written by a famous powerlifter" or "I'm Starting Strength Certified" or "Clarence Kennedy came to my gym and lifted with me once, so that makes me an authority on weightlifting."

Do either of these guys have any formal education in an exercise related field? How about a certification from a reputable organization like the NSCA?

These guys seem to live and die on good advertising and there doesn't seem to be much substance behind their brand.

The days of the youtube branding has made a bachelor's degree in marketing or advertising more valuable than actually getting your BA degree in an exercise related field.

So I guess my final question would be "Which is more valuable? Talking the talk or walking the walk?" I hear a lot of talking from Alan and Omar, but I don't see too much walking… which makes me really, really disappointed that they are such prominent figures in the online fitness industry.

Nathan Drake says:

Doesnt JTS have a bad rep with running though athletes?

Jay 83 says:

Should you hire a coach to begin with, with so much info out on the internet, books and specifically Youtube.

Matti Niskala says:

fredrik smulter is one of the best bench presser of the world. first man in world how has bench 400 kg in IPF single ply!! i think that 300 kg raw bench is not far but now he is retiring. hopelly he come back and press that 300 kg bench.

FitLife M9 says:

I do not believe coaching is needed if you are anyhow remotely into fitness. You can push yourself as hard as you want. If you are a professional athlete, than that may be a different approach. There is so much information on the ole interweb to learn about nutrition, workout plans etc. Do it yourself and save to money for food, clothing, and what makes you get closer to your goal.

George S says:

you should do a video with kirill maaan!!!!

TheGMP says:

With how much info is available on YouTube and online on general id say people don't really need a coach to get to a "good" standard. Elite or higher level a different story perhaps.

Mongoosemcqueen says:

If you wanna get good move to where the good guys are. Online coaching isn't necessary in my opinion

Janne Lakkapää says:

Do you guys know Fredrik Smulter he is wrapping up his career now after he won the europian championship. Would be nice if you remember him somehow

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