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Spiritual Life Coaching

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For information about spiritual life coaching, click here:

Do you want to discover your true purpose, connect with your higher self, and live the life you were meant to live?

You have a purpose you were meant to fulfill. Do you know what it is?

Many people go through life without knowing their purpose. They live small, constricted lives, accomplishing and experiencing far less than what they were born for.

And they get caught up in the rat race of making ends meet, when they should be living in abundance and changing the world.

Have you been caught in that trap?

Are you searching for what you were meant to do, and spending your time on things that you know are NOT what you were sent to Earth to do?

If you are, it’s time for things to change. It’s time to learn about spiritual life coaching.

In this video, we’ll answer the following questions:
What is a Spiritual Life Coach?
Is a Spiritual Life Coach like a self-help book?
Is Spirituality Based Life Coaching like therapy?
What kinds of problems does a Spiritual Life Coach solve?
What benefits do I get from working with a Spiritual Coach?
How does the Spiritual Coaching process work?
How much does a Spiritual Coach cost?
Do I need a Spiritual Coach?
How do I choose a Life Coach?

For information about spiritual life coaching, click here:
YouTube: https://youtu.be/3fUiqDi4-Ro


Tania Robichau says:

hi my name is Tania and I quite possibly could be Mary's number one fan. She has inspired me to a level of almost complete metamorphosis transformation. That's the best way I can say it I have followed all her videos and her instructional courses for the last nine months and I've been following her probably about a year-and-a-half on and off not knowing the quality and the spirituality that this mindful miraculous ever giving woman is. Mary Morrissey single-handedly helped me to transform into ways that I never knew were possible. She has the ability to transform a human just buy her magnetic way she comes through the computer hurt way that she is so excited and I love her the way she has changed me in the last nine months that I have followed her programs dream Builder power of purpose and the mastry class. I've had an interview with Jean Haggerty and I was told that I am able to join the team and I fell to the ground weeping in tears with joy. do yourself a favor and try some of these courses are at least a video and see how inspired your life could become fulfilled full of prosperity lots of love and healing what more could a human being ask for she is the best thing I've ever done and I am so grateful to Mary on a moment-to-moment basis God bless his one on all on our journey and thank you Mary for letting me follow you on yours as it's transforming me moment-to-moment day-to-day with absolute Joy. I can't wait to join and help in the movement to bring us all back to who we were meant to be. God bless you Mary and thank you for your wonderful inspiration and the joy that you bring us all.

Elaine Sartain-Waddington says:

I still listen to your tapes and cd's from Lec ,You are a great teacher .
I will always love you Mary,Elaine Sartain Waddington, Mary ,Keep coaching for Christ

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