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Sports Coaching Tips: Team Goal Setting

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Sports Coaching tips on how to set Team Goals, Explanation of the 3 types of goals and how goal setting can improve team confidence and mental toughness.Goals written down , made public and reviewed regularly get accomplished.


Vitor Luis says:

Thank you Gary, I’m recently getting into Sports Coach and I need to settle
goals on my coachees. My problem is the evalutation of the goals

Vitor Luis says:

Thank you very much. But for example, i do i mesure the goalscoring in
training or the passing rate? is something you can only do with the help of
another person. For example if you are a coach of only one player and if he
settle this kind of goals he can’t be able to mesure them eficiently. Maybe
with experience i could reach the answer 😉

Gary Pritchard says:

Vitor, Of Course it can be overwhelming with so many things to measure. Go
after areas they (you) feel are important in their progression as a
player.Measure it in performance (Performance Goal the “what”) and also as
a smaller process goal (in practice- the “how”) “What gets measured gets

Gary Pritchard says:

Vitor, The Key is make Specific goals(helps to use Who? , What?, Where?,
When?, Why? questions trying to be specific) and you must be able to
measure them. Another important part for evaluation is to write them down
and make them Public( when possible) Other will then be able to see and
measure progress. Best of Luck

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