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TEMPO RUN WORKOUTS AND VARIATIONS! | Sage Canaday Coaching and Running Advice 5km to Marathon

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we could call this all “high end aerobic training”….
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CORRECT PACE INTENSITY OF TEMPO WORKOUTS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDYp3U8b1nU&t=42s
20-Min Tempo Workout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hg28i_IikGM&t=15s


PenaltyCompsHD says:

Hey Sage, the Boston Marathon Expo will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday, (13,14,15 of April). Which will you be going to so that we can have the best chance of meeting you? Thanks!

David Nolan says:

Hi Sage, first of all congratulations on your recent performance even tho it wasn't what u wanted it was still really impressive. I just wondered is there any scientific basis as to y a 20 minute tempo run as I hear it recommended quite a lot?

Jenny Wesolowski says:

Do you think these workouts would be appropriate to work into 50 and 100 mile training?

Danny Montes says:

Thanks for the info Sage.👌

NK says:

And I always thought your uptempo is an uphill tempo.

Dominic Sumner says:

Running on the snow and ice will definitely make the workouts harder, but easier since they are slower. 😂😂😂

Herbert Wingfield says:

Sandi says you need to train harder, that's smarter for keeping her around.

Mike H. says:

Timely for me….planning to do….this morning 3×2 +I will try Surge/jog
note to self…work harder on main course. Enjoyed the vid!

Stanislav says:


Running Guru says:

I agree. Have always said about training SMART 👍🏼

Juan Seaforth says:

Great info than you so much for this awesome info!!

ironman tooltime says:

Thanks coach Sage!

A H says:

First thing runners should do is work on their bio-mechanics! Learn how to run a mile properly, don't bother running anything more than a 5K if you can't run a mile under 7 minutes. Once you build excellent technique, then work on your stamina by upper your mileage slowly. Then you will avoid injuries and enjoy your running.

SkyLineFire6 says:

Are you thinking of doing a parkrun? I think there is one starting up near you

david marcotte says:

2018 challenge for you stop saying ahhh!!!!!! You have a cadence of at least 10 ahhh a minute!!!!

Cleber Gomes da Silva says:

Great tips, thank you!!!

Per Sakariassen says:

Great video! Running my first full marathon this spring.

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