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The Secrets Of LaVar Ball’s Coaching: Behind The Scenes With His Big Baller Team!

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LaVar GOES OFF on the Big Ballers ►► https://ovrt.me/2zqdrm4
Melo & Gelo go shoe shopping in NYC ►► https://ovrt.me/2CLa9ca
LaMelo’s REAL Net Worth ►► https://ovrt.me/2ztBnqa

We chilled with the youngest players on the Big Ballers AAU team to see how LaVar is as a coach and what it’s like playing for one of the most famous travel teams in the country. We also went to one of their workouts and spoke with the man himself, LaVar! Check this vid out to hear the truth about the Ball family workouts and what it’s like to be a Big Baller.


taha Siddiqui says:

Lavar i know u wont see this, but incase u do, plzzzz recruit meeee

taha Siddiqui says:

Damn it i want to be trained by lavar

Dirk Diggler says:

"Isometrics" my boi lavar the GOAT

Aegon Targaryen says:

omg at least teach them how to do pull up, dip or push up their form are so bad… their joints are at risk

Ball Till We Fall.com: The Basketball Hub says:

Lavar thinks pulling is an isometric exercise. Isn't he a personal trainer….

KDK Vlogs says:

First smart thing lavar has done

jerry magorombo says:

Melo been tying his shoes for 15 minuets

yags lags says:

Did he just say "flipflops and gymnastics"? Lavar. Funny dude

Mitke 420 says:

u guys call him coach? he is joke, melo is talented but this moron will destroy it for money

b a says:


Noriac Dathis says:

The media always trying to make him look like a bag guy. ESPN or fox sports wouldn’t cover this video because then it would make them look bad for all the stuff they said earlier abt him. Great Dad, great coach, and a good person.

Moe Moe says:

i hate the media and love Lavar


My uncle making it happen !!!

The King-Danchie State of Mind says:

Shout out BBB! Lavar a a legend.

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