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Tony Robbins on Immersion Coaching

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For three decades, Anthony Robbins has built his brand based on one thing: Robbins = Results. His system of Immersion Coaching is unlike anything else in the world. He is the “Father of the Coaching Industry” and his coaches’ standards and training for success coaching are the best in the industry. We offer general Immersion Coaching as well as Specialized Curriculum Coaching Courses on the areas of life that matter most.


Alex Blokker says:

After reviewing this video, I get the sense that Tony may not be doing as a
well as he used to. Why mention other people’s techniques? What he sells vs
what the other guys sell comes across desperate. Towards the end he seems
paranoid. Maybe the coach needs a coach.

beautystamp101 says:

i love you for speaking the truth. you make all the sense. i truly mean

Leonard Shamon says:

Love & Respect you Brother Tony. Wish we can meet one day. Until then, we
will keep trying to be great. 

Juan Enriquez says:
abdo amkiye says:

after hearing this… i have a passion to be survival… hopefully
measuring my life.. if you wanna be the best, clone the best

MrBazinthenow says:

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose
his own soul ” MARK 8:36

Cybrus07 says:

Chuck Liddell in the thumb nail?

Gina London says:

As always, inspirational. But a quick word about that word, “inspired.” It
doesn’t actually mean, “in spirit,” as Tony says, but rather, it’s from
Latin “in + spirare” which means “to breathe in.” Still makes for a great
metaphor, however, as whatever you breathe in or fill yourself with –
attitude, determination, behaviors – determines who you are and who you can
become! Bravo! 

Peter Kertesz says:

great training!


Love it…

Cee Harmon says:

Awesome video. He says successes and failures don’t happen overnight. His
Immersion Coaching process is a combination of strategies he has learned
over the past 30 years.

Samuel Shabaka says:

Powerful the art of immersion Coaching.

Jose Santis says:

Seriously eh..I also clicked because I saw the ice man. Not a bad video

Prince M. Golds says:

I was an immortal commodity trader! because of family problems I lost my
momentum and everything! it was not the markets! it was personal reasons!I
was making lot of money before and now I make only 40$ a day or nothing! if
you fix my head, I can be back on track… do you think you can help me?
how much will be your charges?

AK84078 says:

Where can i buy a coaching session? Cant find any link.

Pedro Osorio says:

Training your mind days and nights will result in mastering…truly CHANGE

Shabaz Sarfraz says:

Unleash the Power Within – 21 – 24 March 2014 (Tony Robbins Live in London)
call our office on 0207 798 1600 for more info

Aziz Jangbar says:

Quanta is the next best thing for personal coaching

helen vlachos says:

as for ppl who say it failed it wasnt good etc the coach was
lousy…excuses..the best way to avoid responsibility of a result..

Luis Rivera says:

He is the reason I became a coach. 

The Astonisher says:

Give me all your money and I’ll give you the life you’ve always dreamed

Salsa2Spa says:

Love TR. Have ordered his personal Power II material, monthly interviews
with top people, did the Edge program with a friend who had it but I have
to tell you that he needs to revamp this Free coaching session because it
is nothing more than a sales pitch. If you want to do the coaching just do
it but don’t think that you will get even a smidgen of coaching in this
free session. The coach I had was awful. If I didn’t know his work on a
personal level, I would have never purchased anything from him after this
coaching session. Yes it was that bad.

Jim Chaikong says:

Someonje contact me 561-215-4493

jfn482 says:

Where’s Chuck Lidell?

BrandYou.ie says:

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Tony Robbins on Immersion Coaching

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Sandra Brevett-Dib says:
Michael Alexander says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Marita Steffe says:

very inspiring! a man who not only talks the talk but walk the walk.

Jesse Villalobos says:

exercise, nutrient dense foods, alkaline water, and lots of sleep.
vitamins, juicing, and more of these videos!

Ruben Joshua Moreno says:

Yeah, but now he’s even richer. That’s cool with me. I think everyone
should be rich if they wanna be. I have madd respect for anyone making this
kind of money.

mikehoncho83 says:

Thank God, or thank Tony? “God” didn’t do anything Meghan. Take “God” out
of the equation and you’re still left with all those wonderful things you
mentioned. Give YOURSELF some credit for once! I know Tony’s material, and
I KNOW he doesn’t do it for us. He helps us to do it ourselves. You alone
are responsible for your happiness or your misery; You don’t have to
believe ideas based on bad evidence in order to be happy. =)

dustyblue2ify says:

great w/ your coaching so Coach Congress/Governement to have the Integrity
in Being of Service for the People rather then for Corporations that Run
Governemnt that should be a great challenge for yeah!

Quinn McCully says:

Tony made Chuck tap.

Corinne Larimore says:

Were you there at the coaching sessions? And what do you mean it wasn’t
helpful? Princess Diana was a beautiful person inside and out, and it’s sad
what happened to her, but what does Tony’s coaching have to do with
anything regarding her????!!!!

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