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Tony Robbins – Welcome to Life Coaching

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Tony Robbins introduces viewers to live coaching and discusses the benefits of having a coach.


אלי כהן says:

How do I get this free coaching session? I would love to have it!

Marissa Meleske says:

Unfortunately I doubt that average people can afford to work with you. It
really sucks!

Ray Allen says:

Tony. Bro . I’m trying to condition myself to watch this video in 240p. I
think i’m getting momentum since this is not your first 240p video.

Николай Горячев says:

Купи новую камеру!

G Claudiu says:

Hi, we are in 2014 why a HD quality doesn’t is?

Christen Jones says:

Here’s the link: http://www.tonyrobbins.com/coaching/

baxeman says:

This quality hurts my eyes 😀 lol

Fornavn Etternavn says:

Initial momentum!

Cindy Nyx Ravenmoon says:

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