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I read your comments, I truly do. One of you badly needed help, so here it comes – toxic style.

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The CookieMeister says:

jeeeeeesus my eyes need a heavy bleaching after that

Ember Meister says:

this should definitely be a series,though you kind need to be more toxic.I main hanzo on my second account and i would have loved to send you a demo on mine,too bad my pc cant handle recording while playing.

Travis Heidelberger says:

FUCKING THANK YOU. I want more Ana mains to see this. Don't hold your Nano. It one of the fastest charging in the game.

Jason Storey says:

haha. Moooar. Mooar of these.

also end of video… not even gold healing, never mind gold elims. hehehe

Weegee says:

Jesus, this Ana is awful. The delusion this player has that they're carrying is unreal!

TasteLikeChicken says:

When your healer is the shit player and not the dps, feels good.

Zack Marcus says:

most definitely, raggtagg coaching is the best. ill go make some shity gameplay and send it to you now! lol

Anym says:

me in a nutshell. I'm not going to talk about my problems, I'm talking about your problems

Brandon Cavewynter says:

Raggtag is my muthafuckin spirit animal!

Lily Bryan says:

How is this person plat. I'm in shock.

ll Naffany ll says:

It's up to you to believe me or not but I'm in a crisis. What do you do if you get paired with lower rank players. I went from 3142 to 2415, I cannot stress enough how unlucky I am. As soon as I went to 3050, Jeff Kaplan thought it would be funny to make me the carry by pairing me 80% with Golds and silvers. What do I do. My gamer tag is
"ll Naffany ll" you can even check how many gold medals I get every game, I'm starting to hate this game ??

Enkeria says:

Nice intro, the background reminds of my ragtagg backdrop on our glemda site 🙂

Amine B. says:

here's what probably happened : that guy started playing and got good vibes, then he started thinking about it and loosing, that made him afraid of loosing, and the more he loses, the less he is agressive which makes him lose even more !

BridgyP says:

Don't mind me, just here to remind you that you missed the daily video yesterday.


Tronix says:

If I whine like a little bitch can I get coached as well

Kaoru Himura says:

hahaha, this video was glorious!! I'm tired of silvers on the ow communities complaining about carrying and about their teams, and as soon as you see them play you know exactly WHY they are down there.
You tell them like it is.
Once I was called harsh and mean because I pointed some stuff to some high silver/low golds I volunteered to help.

Tronix says:

Loving that new intro

K Park says:

This was an awesome video. More Toxic Coaching please.

hey you says:

……….so hard to watch. JUST ULT!!!!!

Tom Maverick says:

WONDERFUL. Thank you so much i love this series

Noppe Heyvaert says:

Best comment ever : U are tossing sleep darts away like yesterday's tampon . Next to the one. A red light in GTA is more usefull than your healing. Like the vids.

Светлана Новикова says:

Heeeeeey! Wanna teamup?)

Joseph Chong says:


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