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Ty Lue says coaching LeBron James and the Cavs is the NBA’s ‘hardest job’ | UNDISPUTED

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Is Ty Lue right about coaching the Cleveland Cavaliers? Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe react to his statement that coaching the Cavaliers is the “hardest job, by far” in the NBA.

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About UNDISPUTED with Skip and Shannon:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, and moderated by Joy Taylor on FS1. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.



What do you think is the hardest job in the NBA?

nano j says:

skip you are off you meds again!!!

dEssert 4 THought says:

damn joyyy mamacita ??

Jacob Taylor says:

I'd like to "coach" LeBron.

"Hey 'BronBron, go do all that stuff only you can do, go get 'em dude."

Coaching complete.

Rady gaza says:

skip Bayless nuh like labron James fi real yo

josh portie says:

Mount Rushmore isnt our best presidents its just the 3 early ones and Lincoln. So it would likely be Russel, Chamberlain, Kareem, West or something like that.

Lijun Yu says:

lebron is the player,the coach and the gm. after he retires his probably wealthy enough to be the owner if he wants to.

Richard Liang says:

"4,675,932 and 1 larvae"…

StevenC32 says:

LeBron knows more about basketball than 99% of the NBA Head Coaches.

anima099 says:

LeBron is the king alright. He's got people talking about him even when he doesn't do anything special*** lmao. Last week, he didn't even play and I swear these sports analysts talked about him at least three times :))

***special outside his usual greatness.

Cowwy044 says:

It's the King from Akron

Marky Mark says:

"Toughest athlete in the world to coach" smh boi peep half of Real Madrid's team ya fool

this guy says:

and one larva this guy shannon is great

adrian gamos says:

Cmon skip, you musta forgot that mj MANUFACTURED things to get offended about out of thin air

Reymar Caraan says:

gsw is not a superteam.. cavs is,hehe.. come on! most of the players of gsw is made of gsw system.. bron's team just pick players that is already known.. who is clark? mcadoo? mcgee? mcclaw? pachulia? livingston? i dont think green is been the same if he started his career in other teams.. at the end of the day the hardest to coach is when u have the greatest player in the world today and demanding!

Jonathan Goliva says:

"mmm" – skip

Mister Doctor says:

Haters gon hate. And Skip gon Skip!

Reitmann Kohanim says:

2;50. southern Baptist preacher Shannon..preaching about the king about the king of Akron

Donald Pace says:

This show should be called lebron undisputed

Cesar Belle says:

bruh why is joy Taylor so fineeee!!!

Misha Gelenava says:

It's not only who LeBron is, but also who coach is. I don't think he would disrespect Pop like this, he knows Ty was nothing before LeBron and he may be nothing after LeBron, but Pop is great and LeBron called him GOAT

Derelle Rideout says:

I'd be surprised if I get invited to Shannon and LeBron's wedding next year. Lol

2with2 says:

Im a Rockets fan. Even I know that if Pop was the coach of Lebron there is no telling how many rings they would have collected.

Derelle Rideout says:

Chun li so beautiful

Toshiro Uchiha says:

Ty Lue is basically just rubbing Lebrons back and saying ive been telling them this Lebron or you get them Lebron what hard about coaching a elite team

lowtempo711 says:

whats so hard with saying…. "pass labron the ball, and move out of his way"….. SMH

Hazardous Emcee says:

I'm starting to believe Lebron is Shannons illegitimate son

Rosalina Pua says:

Howard is the most difficult to coach not LBJ lets clear that.

majomszex92 says:

lebron is a diva? then what was MJ, he was million times more uncoachable and the biggest diva ever in pro sports

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