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In this video I share with you what its like to really start an online business coaching and hiring a business coach. I’ve learn in just the past 6 months about how to start an online business the right way and have been successful in creating my own online course that makes money helping other entrepreneurs grow their video brand online.

My business coach is Maria Andros and I am in her group coaching program Aspire 2017.

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Want to Learn How to Work with me as a coach? www.LifeByJazz.com

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I’m there! I’m Jazz – lifestyle blogger, brand video coach & conscious content creator.

LifeByJazz is a blog & Youtube channel I started to share how I am experiencing life through my passions (creativity & entrepreneurship – cooking / dance / yoga) , various skills (branding & social media) & personal growth journey of having my own brand and living the life that I love.

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Some of my FAVORITE content creators on Youtube:
Kristen Leo
Shir Levi
Allí Cherry


HBHL says:

I watch this video & hear u talk & i see myself. I too am working on building my coaching business online & obsess over my dreams. I have been working my ass off & recently started my channel for my business as a funnel. I also balance another channel which i plan on now using as leverage for my business since ita growing & it gets busy as hell sometimes but i love it! I got laid off from my job in june & it was the BEST thing ever! Pushed me in the direction I was afraid to go in

Leah Gets Lean says:

This is so awesome! Thank you!

afortunatefool777 says:

i always enjoy your videos and always learn something new and am always inspired by your content. as always thank you for sharing your personal and professional journey. 🙂✌

Linda Barry says:

Congratulations Jazz

Rayowag says:

Thank you for the inspiration. Sometimes you need a little bit of floating around doing nothing before you take action on something.

Right now I try to figure out a lot of things. That's why I'm not clear with what I wanna do in the case of online products, but I'm okay with that. I need to get my reallife going right now & my youtube/socials preplanning(I'm kinda bad at preplanning this :D)

Goodmorning Mathy says:

Thanks for that Jazz. This is also something I dream about too. It's something that continuously comes to mind. It's really encouraging to hear.

HannahAshtonVlogs says:

Hey Jazz! I checked out your website and was wondering what website/program you used to create your courses? They look GREAT!

raquel barnes says:

You are Inspirational Jazz!

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