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Wimbledon Rocks-Serena Opposes Coaching-Kyrgios Responds To Rosewall

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In this week’s news, Marin Cilic makes a Wimbledon mark, Serena Williams opposes new coaching rule, rock stars on Wimbledon and Nick Kyrgios replies to Ken Rosewall’s criticism.


Bipe Beppe says:

Federer & Muguruza two genuine players

thorium222 says:

The monetary punishment for repeated on court offenders should be much much steeper.

kon K says:

f u roswell

Hyper Horse says:

Williams sisters this, Williams sisters that… Blah blah blah…

Wayne Hampson says:

This video is a day (or more) late and a dollar short.

Vamsi Krishna says:

Did Tennis Now studio loe internet connection for four days to upload their vid?

PotholesInMyLawn says:

Grace has beautiful lips damn.

DizzieDaCrazzie88 says:

change your goddamn intro music sounds like music for a public access tv program from the 90's

Col Conno says:

On court Coaching? That's ridiculous.

Alex BG1 says:

Lol "Too much money too soon". The problem is much deeper than that, and it stems from non-existent Australian culture.

Cesar Gallardo says:

Tennis changes, so do people and the rules. It's something that does not happen in every single sport but hey tennis is always the exception

Juan Pablo Gonzalez Jimenez says:

Where are Garbiñe and Roger???!!!

A. I. says:

lol dick kyrgios- a strong competitor of Donkey and Javilamalva as a mentally challenged person🤣🤣🤣

Zubair Patel says:

How old is this video? Why is it posting today? Federer and Mugz won already.

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