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Youth in Sport – Keeping Kids in The Game | Hugh McDonald | TEDxLangleyED

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Hugh’s talk will exhibit both his love for coaching and that of sport. He will share his growth from a “”win-at-all-costs”” coach that took the experience away from the kids, to a parent and coach who values giving all children the opportunity to learn, grow, compete, and keep on playing.

Hugh will get you to question as a parent, coach, or educator some common practices that are accepted in youth sport. He will get you to wonder what these practices are doing to the mindset of young athletes. Hugh will also have you think about some simple things that can be done as a parent, coach, and educator to reverse the trend and to get kids enjoying the game and wanting to participate in sports longer.

Hugh is an intermediate educator with 15 years of experience with the Surrey School District and has resided in Langley, British Columbia with his family for 8 years. Currently he teaches Grade 6/7 students at Fraser Wood Elementary. Hugh earned his Masters of Educational Leadership degree through Simon Fraser University and his teaching degree from the University of British Columbia. He is the Past president and vice-president of the Surrey Elementary Schools Athletic Association. Hugh coaches a variety of sports in schools and now has started coaching his kids in soccer and baseball in the community of Langley. Hugh’s interest areas include youth in sports, coaching, passion based learning (Genius Hour), leadership, and the power of a growth mindset. He is a proud husband to Denni and Dad of Cole and Danica.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx


Sam Owins says:

I understand your message but you should always push your kids. The drive to be the best on and off the field will stay with them longer than any game. It's a life long lesson that some kids need to be taught how to over come and achieve. Bottom line push your kid's to be the best because life is full of competition . There are some who over coach their kid's. Teaching them to try to become perfect in all areas is impossible! But the practice of trying to be perfect is the best work ethic!!!!! Pushing them to be the best will be ok because they will teach them self's to love the game!!!!!!!

Chris Wejr says:

Great message… attaboy!

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